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Data transmission has been made easy since the introduction of fiber optics. This new technology is becoming popular in this digital era. There are now high level of speed in data transmission. Before the introduction of fiber optics, data transmission was nothing to write home about, but since it was introduced, there have been progressive rise in speed. While sending information, light is used as a replacement to electricity. This has been the major reason for its high level of speed


Communication has increased since the introduction of FTTH connection. It makes internet provision accessible to large number of users directly from an internet service provider( ISP). FTTH connection operate at a higher speed. It uses an optical delivery method when operating. Here are the merits and demerits of this technology.


Installation of FTTH is not what every person can do, it requires expertise. Usage of FTTH is limited because of the high cost rate. The poor society would not have access to this new technology. Not withstanding, a technology similar to FTTH has been introduced. Due to this effect, people now have option of using a technology alternative to FTTH. Fiber to the premises(FTTP) can serve as FTTH alternatives. It solves the problem of limited access and has made fiber optics technology accessible to the lower class categories. Both the poor and the rich has unlimited access.


• FAST ACCESS TO INTERNET- FTTH has made internet enjoyable and fun. Communication is now as fast as the speed of light. Messages are received and replied to instantly. Businesses based online can now perform transactions in an effective and fast way. People can now stay connected. The internet business is increasing everyday and people are working from the confort of their homes. Installation of FTTH has made business operation online to be a wonderful experience.

• SOURCE OF INFORMATION- We need to be updated with information and technological improvement. FTTH ensures latest updates on apps and devices, that are new in the market. Healthcare professionals can easily know the latest medical app available, special educators can easily get up-to-date with apps available for children facing autism spectrum disorder. It has made us up-to-date with information.

• ACCESSIBILITY- FTTH connection can be gotten from any online distributor. You get it from the confort of your home. E-commerce, working hand-in-hand with this new technology, makes easy delivery and quick access.







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